Email Policy:

Emails received between Monday – Friday will be answered during business hours (9am – 5pm.) Emails received after 5pm will be answered the next day. Emails received after Friday at 5pm and over the weekend will be answered on Monday.

If you have an emergency and need me to respond sooner, please include: “URGENT” in your email subject line and I will try my best to respond to your inquiry. But be forewarned: I do not check my email regularly after hours and over the weekend.

Absence Policy:

In the event of an absence, DO NOT ask IF you missed anything. If you weren’t here, then you definitely missed something. It is your responsibility to determine what you missed.

FIRST: Check the syllabus!
SECOND: Ask a classmate and obtain any pertinent notes.
ONLY THEN are you prepared to ask your professor specific questions about what you missed.

Electronic Devices Policy:

All cell phones should be turned to vibrate or silent mode and put away. Use of laptops and tablets are only permitted during times when it is required for in-class activities. Any student observed using their devices unrelated to course work will be marked as ABSENT for the day.

No Devices Policy:

Sometimes I institute a “No Devices Policy” in class. When I do, this is why: Put Your Laptops Away, Explained by Professor Clay Shirkey.

Course Work-Load Policy:

The federal definition of course credit hours assumes a minimum of “two hours of out-of-class student work per week for a semester hour.” According to this metric, a student should assume at least six hours of out-of-class work per week for each 3-credit course.

Inclusivity Policy:

Please click here to view Adrienne Shaw’s Inclusivity Policy that I have adopted in all my classrooms.


The grade you get in any class is not a general reflection of you or your abilities. They are however, a reflection of the time, effort, and interest you invested in the topic during the brief period of time we have. Therefore, “B,” for example, is not a subtraction from an initial state of an “A,” but rather recognition of good and thorough work.

For the full rubric I have adopted in the classroom, please visit my Grading Rubric page here.

Plagiarism & Citation Policy:

Since this is such an important topic, I have dedicated an entire page to providing vetted resources for students. Please read my Plagiarism & Citation policy here.